Trump & Patriotic Puzzles (Made in the USA)


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Official Patriot Gear

6 Puzzles to choose from!

Trump Executive Puzzle:

550 pieces of executive decisions. Comes with a free guide poster that you can then use as decoration or to give to anyone who needs a nice Donald poster!

The Republican Club Puzzle: 

550 Pieces Never sold in Walmart, this jigsaw puzzle is made 100% in the USA!
Depicts Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and others.

Trump Spring Puzzle:

This puzzle is 550 pieces of fun, except for that one piece that always gets stuck to the underside of my arm. More like 549 pieces of fun and one sneaky guy.

Trump Summer Puzzle:

This puzzle comes with 550 pieces of summer fun, and a poster to hang once you finish.

Trump Fall Puzzle:

18"x24" 500 Piece Puzzle. Every single puzzle in this line has sold extremely well, so if you're missing any, be sure to get them here before they sell out!

May Freedom Fly Forever Puzzle:

15"x24" 550 Piece Puzzle. A puzzle depicting a bald eagle, U.S. Soldiers, and the American Flag, in front of majestic mountains. The beautiful artwork for this puzzle was created by artist Kevin Daniel to honor our country and those who serve to protect it.