Funny Trump Shower Curtain

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Official Patriot Gear

Trump keeps a watchful eye on America, and the Trump shower curtain keeps a watchful eye on your bathroom as you wash the socialism out of your life. We will never forget when Trump announced we are going to “build a wall” and make Mexico pay for it. But it seems as though we forgot when he promised to “build a shower curtain” and let whomever wanted to buy one pay for it.

Whether it's a gift, a gag, or you're just a fan of funny merchandise, this shower curtain is sure to rid you of any liberal hogwash the media has attempted to bathe you in.

While you are in the shower, Trump is on the watch, ready to scare off any liberals confused about which bathroom to use. Even when liberals thought they could catch you without your Trump 2024 hat and matching t-shirt, they still can’t catch you without your conservative pride!

Size: 72" x 72"
Grommets included for easy hanging