Annals of the World: James Ussher's Classic Survey of Ancient World History (Hardcover Casebook)

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If you enjoy history, then you're going to love this fascinating survey of ancient world history! James Ussher's Annals of the World is a historical chronology of the ancient world from the beginning-of-time to 70 A.D.. With precise accuracy, Ussher gives us the true accounts of the people and events that shaped the world and contributed to the rise and fall of nations and ancient civilizations.

Those who don't learn from the lessons of history, are destined to repeat it. James Ussher's Annals of the World is a treasure trove of information and historical take-aways. More than just a book of history, this masterpiece is a work of history. 

A literary classic restored. Originally published in Latin in 1650, this literary classic is a virtual historical encyclopedia of the ancient world that offers an unparalleled academic chronology of both sacred and secular history with information and footnotes that might have been lost forever. In 2003, it was given a complete scholarly review for accuracy, translated into English and published for the modern reader.

A Literary Classic:

  • Important literary work that has been inaccessible in book form for over 300 years
  • Translated into modern English for the first time
  • Traces world history from creation through AD 70
  • Cover presented in the style of classic literary works
  • Chronological presentation of material
  • 8 appendixes
  • Fully indexed
  • Numbered paragraphs

The hard cover edition is beautifully bound in burgundy faux leather with gold lettering, gilded pages, and a 3/4" wide gold-colored, sateen ribbon bookmark.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Master Books (October 1, 2003)
  • Language ‏ :  English
  • Hardcover ‏ :  960 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0890513600
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0890513606
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One of the most remarkable works of history

Mocked when evolutionary theories became vogue in the 19th century, Archbishop James Ussher was a well-respected and important scholar of ancient history during the early 17th century. A meticulous researcher and compiler, Ussher correlated the events in Genesis with secular human history. His chronology was included in various versions of the Bible from the early 1700s until very recently. Today, however, few Bible publishers include Ussher’s dates because they conflict with the popular belief in “millions of years,” which is based on evolutionary assumptions.

A highly respected scholar and theologian, still widely studied today, Ussher carefully studied the books of the Bible and an impressive array of historical documents (many lost to time or no longer available for study) to produce the unparalleled academic work known as The Annals of the World.

  • Over 10,500 footnotes have been updated to reference works in the Loeb Classical Library by Harvard Press
  • Over 2,500 citations from the Bible and the Apocrypha
  • Ussher’s original citations have been checked against the latest textual scholarship