America On It's Knees: The Cost of Replacing Trump with Biden (Paperback) by Ed Brodow


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America On Its Knees describes the train wreck resulting from the replacement of Donald Trump with Joe Biden.

The U.S. was in great shape in 2020. We were all better off during Donald Trump’s presidency. Then voters did the unexpected. They rejected the prosperity of the Trump years in favor of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Biden set out right away to reverse everything Trump accomplished.As a result, we are paying more in taxes, gas prices are going through the roof, inflation threatens to put millions of Americans in the poorhouse, and our streets are more dangerous than ever.

Unvetted illegal immigrants are being transported in secret to undisclosed locations around the country. Our nation is infected with cancel culture, censorship, and wokeness. Free speech is under attack by Facebook and other social media sites. White Americans are reviled by Critical Race Theory. If you dare to oppose Biden’s Marxist dictates, the Justice Department will label you a domestic terrorist.

The fake news media are not reporting on the subversive aim of the Democratic Party—transforming our country into an authoritarian socialist nation run by the unaccountable bureaucrats of the Deep State. As they exercise greater control over our lives, we can say goodbye to free speech, respect for the individual, the rule of law, and other fundamental American values.

Ed Brodow, bestselling author of nine books and columnist for Newsmax, American Thinker, and BizPacReview, exposes the abuses perpetrated by the Biden/Harris administration. He argues that the radical leftists who want to destroy American values are a minority that can be defeated at the polls. When you read America On Its Knees, you will appreciate the indispensable role you can play in the 2022 and 2024 elections.


"AMERICA ON ITS KNEES gives an accurate, thoughtful, and disturbing account of the dangers facing America under Biden and the Democrats."
A.J. RICE—CEO of Publius PR and bestselling author of The Woking Dead

"Brodow makes the case for why the Biden administration, political leftists, and the 'Woke' can't make things better. Order your copy now!"
TIM TAPP—Tapp into the Truth, iHeartRadio

"America on its Knees makes a compelling case for all that we, as a nation, lost in the 2020 election. What makes it stand out is Brodow's crisp and often biting writing style. Brodow's text is not just well organized, it is cynical in all the right places, sardonic when it is right, snarky when you need it to be, and even sarcastically funny at times. Knees is well researched, with dozens of quotes from reliable sources to back up the author's insights and views. The Democrats, he says, have become a party that relies on brute violence to coerce and intimidate their enemies—which just happens to be roughly half of the country."  BLAINE L. PARDOE—American Thinker

"Brodow takes readers on a blow-by-blow journey on how the U.S. has fallen since electing Joe Biden to the White House. Biden is at lightning speed undermining every aspect of America and Brodow details each area where this plot is unfolding."

"In his well-researched and engaging book, Brodow explains that America is being destroyed and it is indeed happening from within. The decline of our institutions, rise of the Deep State, ongoing political polarization, and cultural divisions continue to hold America back. Continually citing sources as he goes, Brodow lays out the pressing issues in the U.S. and how the Progressive Left's vision is to undermine the very things that make America great." - K. WALKER—Clash Daily

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Independently published (May 6, 2022)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 205 pages
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